John McSporran lives in Renfrewshire and the Trossachs in Scotland.
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I am an amateur photographer: my main passion is landscape photography, particularly images of Scotland. I like getting up at times when sensible people are asleep and driving miles and miles, climb a hill or mountain in the dark by torchlight or camp out overnight, wade through a bog, freeze till my fingers and extremities are numb, only for it to rain, cloud over, be dull or generally a "wee bit dreich". Usually I am 'drookit'. On those rare occasions when the weather is 'braw' I make the most of it. Add to that the Highland Midge - half the size of a mosquito and twice as fierce. All this probably makes me dedicated or as my wife says, slightly mad and crabbit.

I also like to travel abroad. I try where possible to get good exposure, framing and composition and avoid holiday snaps - you decide.

I formed this website in July 2014 and at present it is still a work in progress - patience - because I have none!

I don't sell my images, if you like any of them email me (details on the contact page) and I can supply high resolution images for personal use - you can then print them or whatever. If you wish to use them commercially please contact me using the contact form.

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